A Love Letter To Myself


Since it’s Valentine’s Day and that’s all about loving, cherishing, and appreciating your loved ones, I think I should write a love letter to someone who really needs it…

Dear Me,

You’ve been down on yourself lately and you need a pick me up. So here’s why I love you:

You know when to push yourself and when to take a breather. You can get overwhelmed pretty fast but you know when you can shut down or when you can push through it. That’s a great skill to have when you know you’ve got things to do and especially when all the things you have to do are timed. When you do recharge, you’re good to go!

You’re a great big sister. Your younger sisters are comfortable talking to you and asking for favors. They like having you cook for them and they’re really appreciative of you. Your parents also think you’re a great big sister since they remind you sometimes.

You’re literally the funniest person you know. You can laugh at your own jokes without feeling silly. You can pull yourself out of a sad spell just by making a joke. You might have a unique sense of humor but those who share that with you are fond of it.

You’re smart. You already know this. Look at all that you’ve achieved in your life. Sometimes you think it may not seem like much but it really is! Everyone is so proud of you! You’re almost finished with college too! You already have plans for your next steps! You’re so in control

You can do anything you want. You’re so powerful. Whatever you want to do, you do it. You won’t let no one stop you.You’re a tough girl. Who’s going to go against you? No one because you speak firmly and with confidence. You don’t let anyone get you down. You are the boss.


Love, Me


I want to challenge everyone to write their own love letter. Write about the things you love about you. Your personality, your talents, your achievements


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