Self Care Part 2: Depression Playlist

To beat the negative mood, dancing around helps so much! So play this and dance around


  1. Kickin’ Back by Mila J
Mila J
Mila J

Just milly rock all that bad energy out.

2. You’re So Beautiful by The Empire Cast

Empire Cast
Empire Cast

I know we all love Empire! Now you can’t tell me this isn’t an upbeat song.

3.  Needed Me by Rihanna


I love dancing around to this! Just pretend you’re performing this to someone who needed you

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Junglepussy


This is just so upbeat and I rap along at the top of my lungs.

5. Fallin’ Off by Full Crate

This is a remix of Pony by Ginuwine. You can catch me shimmying to this every time it plays.

6. Oui by Jeremih


This song plays and I can’t keep still!


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