Self Care Part 3: Movies

This is my last installment of my Self Care posts! Today let’s talk about movies. What do you guys watch when you’re down? (let me know below)

I usually watch sad movies when I’m down so I can be sad and let it all out by the time my movie is over. My go to sad movie (also my favorite movie) is Girl. Interrupted. This movie is about Susanna Kaysen. Susanna, was admitted into a psych hospital. She meets many people and she gets some help. Here’s the trailer:


This song plays in themovie and it gets me every time!


If I’m not feeling up for a sad movie and I’m looking for just something familiar, I have a few choices…

Beetlejuice  is about a couple that dies and haunts their old home

My favorite scene is :

I’m a big kid at heart so why wouldn’t I watch Rugrats in Paris while I’m down? It’s just such a great combination of adorable and funny

Another movie I would watch is the Jimmy Neutron movie! We all know that when we were younger we’d watch this movie and wished our parents got abducted by aliens!

And Finally! The Lilo and Stitch Movie! You’re lying if you never quoted “Ohana means family”


Self Care Part 3: TV shows

As promised, here is a list of Tv shows and movies to watch when your mood is low:

TV shows

Impractical Jokers is a show about 4 friends doing ridiculous “dares”



The Carbonaro Effect is a hidden camera magic show!


Roseanne is about a family and they get into some wild topics


Rugrats is everyone’s favorite old cartoon!


Steven Universe is the cutest cartoon ever I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love it!