Being Black in a Predominantly White Space

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Jodie talks about herself

Before starting this blog post, let’s do some light housekeeping.

So hey friends! I started this whole blog for a class I am in and the semester is now coming to an end. At first I told myself I was going to delete everything by the time I received my final grade, but now I think I’m going to leave my blog open. I can’t promise that I’ll have a post every Monday or Tuesday like I’ve been doing. But I do still want the platform in case I want to write. So this may or may not be my final post. My Twitter and Facebook page will be deleted very quickly.

Also, I know this post will seem a little strange coming after my Self Care posts but I feel like this needs to be posted. I know this is going to be pretty jumbled because I’m still trying to put my words together. There might be a part 2 if I feel like I couldn’t get it all out today. So here we go…

The Only Black kid In The Class

I have some questions for all my black readers, Do you feel safe in your predominantly white spaces? Or how do you make yourself feel safe? What are you feeling when you’re one of 5 black students in your class, with 0 black professors, and 0 black counselors? What do you feel when you’re walking around campus and the white students have matted hair or cornrows? And what do you feel when you’re at a school functioned party and the DJ plays No Problem by Chance the Rapper, and your white “friends” are screaming out how there’s gonna be some “dread headed niggas in your lobby”? What do you feel when you’re in class and your white teacher says that she doesn’t like the phrase “colored people” but not because of how black people were (and still are being) treated, but because “aren’t we all colored” as she raises her paper white hand?

And if you’re one of my black readers (or even my non black readers of color) and you think there’s no problems with anything I listed or you always feel safe, this post isn’t for your delusional eyes. At this  point you just need to seek help.


If you’re one of my white readers and you also feel like this is nothing… LOL this post was never for you. Go take yourself where you’re wanted.

I guess only one black person is allowed to graduate?

I say all of this because I’ve been enrolled in college since Fall 2012. We are now coming to the end of Spring 2017. (I know, I know, I transferred and took a semester off.) I’ve been enrolled in 2 schools and both of them are Predominantly White Institutions.  And in both schools I’ve experienced anti-blackness. In my  5 years (give or take) the only advice I have for myself is to make black friends. But what advice do I give people who have trouble making friends? I guess I’m asking my readers for advice. I mean I have one semester left with only 3 classes… so maybe this advice isn’t for me but for others. Let me know friends.


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